FIX order flow now handles the majority of orders coming into an organisation. No touch execution, conformation, and settlement means there is no human view of the order flow occurs. This is approach works until the client needs an update, queries the execution or until there is a problem somewhere within the execution process.

Magtia’s FIX order monitor provides a real time view of all orders and their progress. A summary “traffic light” dash board view allows you to glance at the overall performance and drill down to individual orders. The Amber traffic light alerts you to potential problems in the flow before they become an issue.

The FIX monitor unobtrusively taps the key order flow points, reports on them and estimates the next “due time” of the next step in the process. Hence from a central dashboard, operators can view the overall progress , investigate issues, and pro-actively intervene when an order misses and expected monitor point in the flow

  • Dashboard view providing real-time views of summaries and individual orders
  • Can be retro fitted to any flow • Unobtrusive installation on top of existing systems
  • Can be integrated to CRM and case management systems
  • Data collected can drive performance reporting

  • Pro-active customer service , know the problem and resolve it before to customer rings
  • Lower failure rates results in lower overall transaction costs
  • Early intervention reduces the cost to remedy potential failures
  • Focused exception management of the internal team dealing with issues
  • Quick Return of investment

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